Fire Prevention Week Recap

To End Fire Prevention Week we’d like to do a little recap.

Kitchen fires are the #1 cause of house fires. Keep oven fires within the oven, do not put water on oil fires and don’t wait call 911.

Extinguishers are a fantastic first attack as long as they are properly maintained, stored in and easily accessible location of high potential and if the operator is trained to use them most effectively.

Space heaters are dangerous if they do not have the proper safety features and are improperly located, used and are unmaintained.

Closing bedroom doors greatly reduces the ability of fire travel and airflow both saving lives and property.

Last but certainly not least early detection is the first line defense in fire and other house hold emergencies. Smoke, Co and gas detection provides that first line defense when disaster strikes. those precious moments that early detection allows can spell the difference between life and death. Maintaining this equipment is curtail to its effectiveness. Regular cleaning and 6 month tests and battery changing will ensure the proper working order of detectors throughout their life span.

Thank you for following along this week and remember to play it safe when it comes to your safety.